What Will You STOP Doing or AVOID Doing in the New Year?

Time & Life Management

New Year's Resolutions

Many are thinking about what they are planning to DO in the new year, but don’t neglect thinking about what you will STOP or No Longer do in the new year, too. 

Maybe you took on a variety of new tasks, projects, or responsibilities this past year. 

Maybe that went great! 

Maybe you need to pivot and not do some of those things, moving forward.

I invite you to think about not only what you will DO in the new year but what you will NOT do as well. Basically, this comes down to setting some boundaries. It’s kind of like dieting when you realize that eating cake and cookies every night for dessert is probably not in your best interest. So, plan to stop doing that.

An example: 

This past year, I did a lot, and it paid off. Or, I should say, many of the things I did paid off. Some, however, were a waste of time or money. I learned that there were certain parts of my business that I loved doing and those tasks were in my immediate skill set: being part of networking groups, being an active member of my coaching chapter, giving webinars/speaking online, writing useful content for my followers and subscribers, and of course, coaching my clients (my favorite part!). 

Here are some of the things I won’t do this coming year:

  • Attend conferences in person. Unless I am a speaker there – I do not enjoy those
  • Have meetings with random people whom I haven’t vetted who want to talk to me when I don’t see a real reason. Too many were just trying to sell me services I don’t need or want
  • Work on the weekends – including social media and networking sites – sets a precedent and since I help others create balance in their lives – I want to always set an example. 
  • Eat after 7:00 pm
  • Work late instead of being in bed by 10:00 pm
  • Watch TV when reading would be better
  • Skip working out more than one day a week. I aim for it daily so my back is happier. 

Having said all that, there are a lot of things that I loved doing and plan to do more of in the upcoming year.  

I challenge you to think about what you will put boundaries around in the next year. 

Where will you spend your most valuable asset (time)? 

This speaks to your priorities, values, and intentions, so factor them into your goals and plans for 2024 and see what happens. Not only will you get ahead in the areas you desire, but your decision-making will be SO much easier!