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Limiting Beliefs

Brian May – ring a bell for some of you? Well, if you are a fan of Queen, you probably recognize him as the lead guitarist and song writer of Queen. For some, he pretty much was Queen. But did you know he is also Dr. Brian May, Astrophysicist? Yep! True story!

So ,why am I writing about a rock star here? Because Brian May, excuse me, Dr. Brian May, did something many do not. He went back to school to finish his dissertation over 30 years after he started it. He. Never. Gave. Up.

Consider these important points:

  1. Don’t let your Limiting Beliefs hold you back:
    You see, Brian May was working on his PhD in Astronomy decades ago. Brian stated on a podcast (August 19, 2023 / “Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!”) that he stopped working on his thesis due to the success and demands of his band. But that wasn’t the whole story. He actually stopped his thesis work because he lost confidence that he would complete it well. He has what, today, we call Imposter Syndrome coupled with limiting beliefs. And you know what? He didn’t let go of that dream and goal so, when the opportunity presented itself, he went back and finished it decades later. And he is happy he did so!
  1. Don’t give up on your dreams and wishes:
    No regrets. This is my personal philosophy because I wouldn’t want to get to a point in my life where I couldn’t do something I so very much wanted to, only to be held back by fear or confidence issues. Brian May got over his lack of confidence and completed something that meant a lot to him that he was so close to attaining.

I love the example he has set and, perhaps, hearing this little bit about someone else will inspire YOU to push toward something that you have been afraid to complete, begin, or discover due to some unfounded fear or limiting belief.

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