Companies are made up of people. A company is only as strong and effective as those who work within it, as well as those who lead. Productivity skill levels are different with each person and many individuals simply never learned how to manage time, become organized, make good decisions, nor lead people well. Perhaps you have someone on your team or the head of a department who isn’t as effective as they could be. Through regular coaching and empowering each member of a team or department, progress and productivity can increase.

Imagine having a coach “on call” so when something comes up for anyone in your company, there is a coach available to help the employee work through the issue and get back on track again. 

Having an ‘internal’ external coach (not an employee of the company) allows for deeper communication due to the trust fostered. Confidentiality is more protected since the employee is speaking with someone who is not personally in the office environment. Often the issues clients share with me are related to something going on in their personal life, and it is negatively impacting their work. Only someone trained to ask the right questions is going to discover what the actual problem may be and then help the individual work through it. I have seen these personal transformations result in tremendous impact on work quality, level of motivation, and ultimately on deliverables which benefits not only the employee, but the team and the organization as a whole.

Coach Juli