When all my business clients in the course of one year’s time disclosed that they were struggling with ADHD, it was then that I realized that this was a very misunderstood and underserved population. I decided to pivot and re-directed my focus to helping those with more difficult situations become organized despite the inherent challenges they dealt with.

With ADHD and the accompanying mind clutter, poor time management, decision-making challenges, follow-through issues, and a host of other difficulties can make one’s personal and professional life somewhat miserable. My clients have shared with me that it feels like “life is coming at them” or “there is so much going on in their mind” that they forget what they are supposed to be doing at any given time. If you struggle managing your life (with or without an ADHD diagnosis) – we need to talk.

Coaching can help you navigate both the rough waters and come up with ways to circumvent problems before they erupt. My adult clients, some of whom recently learned that they have ADHD, derive amazing benefits by learning how to have a beautiful life despite the differences in their brain chemistry. By working with me, you will have someone who understands you and has been working in this space for so long – nothing surprises me. I. Get. You.

Couples who contact me, either together or the one with ADHD, get to learn how to communicate to reduce friction and misunderstandings. Being married to someone with ADHD, or being that partner with ADHD, often adds a conundrum of challenges to the relationship. Marriage isn’t easy – and marriage when one or both partners have ADHD is downright difficult at times.  Tired of being reminding to take out the trash every single week…or being the one doing the reminding – only to find it still sitting in the house on pick-up day? Feel like you are talking to a wall at times? Tired of waiting around for your spouse to come home from the office when they say “I’ll be home soon” which turns into hours? Or, if you are the one with ADHD – how frustrated do you become by being late to events and meetings, forgetting to respond to others in a timely manner, or failing to deliver on time at work? All this can be changed. Clear communication, learning to become better aware of time passing, gaining mastery around task management skills, and discovering the tactics that make YOU tick can be achieved during the coaching experience.

My clients, some of whom come to me when they are on their last few months before being fired (on a PIP), learn to master skills in order to keep their job. I haven’t lost an employee yet! And I don’t plan to! Contact me for a no-charge consultation to find out how I can help you.

Coach Juli