Entrepreneurs & Solopreneurs

Entrepreneurs, and particularly Solopreneurs, often go it alone. It is difficult not having a safe and knowledgeable person to work through a decision, handle staff problems, and navigate difficult business complications. It can be overwhelming and quite frankly; lonely.
If you struggle with knowing how to keep track of clients, how to have conversations with staff as well as customers, how to hire and maintain staff, and even how to structure your day – professional coaching is a fantastic solution.

Many entrepreneurs struggle with staying focused on the high priority tasks and seeing projects through to the end. You have no one holding you accountable – but with me as your coach – you will.

Here is the best part: I have been an Entrepreneur & Solopreneur for over three decades, I know what it takes to run a company. The pressures of juggling it ALL; acting CEO, bookkeeper, HR department, and even the production manager! Oh, and you need to continue to maintain your personal life as well! I’ve successfully started and operated nine companies and teaching work/life balance is one of my super-powers.

My coaching not only helps you set up efficiency and work-flow systems, but also you will learn to delegate and harness the skill sets of your employees, all the while watching the bottom line. Coaching for the entrepreneur can take your company to the next level. You can benefit from having your own personal “trusted advisor” with no strings attached. Imagine having someone who gets what you are all about and wants to see you succeed AND has the skills to make it happen: It’s all attainable. Call me for a good night’s sleep again – yeah…I can fix that issue too.

Coach Juli