Kurt Burdick, Sr. Manager Engineering

It has been a few years now since Juli provided coaching to me.  Since our coaching, I have been promoted to Sr. Manager in Engineering.  That has been a couple of years now, and I am likely on my way to becoming a Director in a few more years. There are few times in one’s life where you say someone has truly impacted you and potentially changed the path you are on or the way you do things.  Yes, on a small scale, but there are only a handful of people who make a memorable change. I have taken dozens and dozens of courses and training sessions over the years.  I have worked with literally thousands of people, hundreds of engineers with 5 companies, etc. in my 30 years of working.  Most helpful & some impactful.  Only a small handful were life-changing. Juli was one of the latter. Professionally and personally.  I regularly use many of the tools (simple tools) we discussed, daily.  All are very simple at their core but can be difficult to implement into daily routines. It’s only possible with a conscious effort to want to change.

  • Setting boundaries and when to say no
  • When to back off from taking on tasks that are outside of your role
  • Properly delegating
  • Taking time to respond (before responding)
  • Blocking out time for myself daily on my schedule
  • Asking for help (difficult for “A” type people)
  • Find times to decompress. Not just during vacation but throughout the week
  • Everything doesn’t need to be A quality/perfection. My quality level C is likely someone else’s B or A. Be satisfied with that. If it is really important make it A quality otherwise good enough is totally OK.

Juli has improved my life on a daily basis.  Work is still work, people are the same people and family doesn’t change.  It’s how you react and respond to all of it, that makes the difference. A big THANK YOU from Kurt 😊!

Krista M. DiGiorgio, R.M.C., Township Clerk

I reluctantly began my sessions with Coach Juli and felt that this would be a big waste of my time (she was brought in from HR to help with issues).  The first session I had I felt very uncomfortable, and I can attest I probably was not the best client Coach Juli encountered that day!  The situation I was dealing with at work made me feel unsupported and I believe that my work conflicts caused me to think negative things about this task that I had to do for the next 8 weeks.  I felt like it was a punishment.

I began to feel more and more engaged with Coach Juli and we began to have wonderful conversations about many topics, some unrelated to work and I started to realize that her extensive knowledge is something I should take advantage of.  I started to be early for our sessions waiting for her in the Zoom waiting room!!!  I was looking forward to our session.

Coach Juli helped me begin to reassess my actions in situations, I learned how to wait. I learned how to “give myself a minute” to reflect and not react. Another powerful tool she taught me was how to communicate and how to create a dialogue by using terms such as “We, Our Department, Our Workload,” instead of the words “I, Mine, My, or Me”.  Changing one word to make it “Our” showed my staff and colleagues that we are all in this together and that impacted us tremendously in such a positive manner. 

Not only did Coach Juli help me in work situations, but she also helped me be a better communicator in everyday situations, I am so grateful for the moments when I finally opened up and started to take advantage of her help and her wonderful ideas.  I know the exercises she taught me will make me a better manager, colleague, and, above all, a better person.

I cannot express how much I appreciate her!

Tony Saucedo, Client Relationship Executive

“Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make. It will not only improve your life; it will improve the lives of all those around you.” Coach Juli will be the highest return you’ll ever get from any investment. She has single-handedly helped me focus on pertinent life goals, work communications and even more importantly interpersonal skills for a long-term better life. It’s hard to imagine how long I waited to use a personal coach. Juli helped me face my fears of asking for help and refining the highest priority way to use my time. Juli is a gift that keeps giving. Thank you, Juli, for helping me find more joy and success!

Greg Cashman, CPA

I’m so grateful for your coaching this year. It helped me turn on some light bulbs in my career.

Sydney Hess, DD Ford Construction

Thank you so, so much! I’ve been reflecting a lot recently on your coaching and how much I have improved and grown since I started this job! That’s mostly due to you – so thank you for your encouragement, consistency, and care in coaching!

Alison Kaster, Vice President, UFG

For me, working with a coach has been truly transformational!  I felt like it was the single best opportunity I’ve ever been provided for self improvement. I can’t say enough good things about Juli Shulem.  I highly recommend her because I think she’s so good!  She’s done a great job of challenging me and, early on, challenged me so much that I even got angry with her a couple times before I grew up and realized it was for my own benefit. It is comforting to know I have a neutral sounding board to share thoughts and challenges with in all areas of my life where I am allowed the opportunity to process before making big decisions. She shares zero information about me to others (she’s not allowed to) and I know I can always trust her. Coaching is so valuable and I highly recommend working with someone at any level of one’s career.

Vice President, Visa, Inc.

The Power of Coach Juli. I picked Coach Juli because her profile spoke to me. It said (in my mind anyway) “I will be kind, I will listen, I will support you.” I started working with Coach Juli when I was at a low, dark, and lonely time in my life. It’s curious that someone who is loved, successful, and constantly surrounded by immediate family can still feel lonely. That was my reality. I worked with Coach Juli for ~1.5 years. She has supported me through house transactions, two moves, multiple deaths in the family, physical pain, a new job, doubt, anger, and resentment, to name but a lot. Through it all, she never judged, and was always in my corner. Through humor, honesty and so much compassion, she continued gently, but firmly guiding me forward. I cherished our time – it gave me energy, joy, reminded me of what a badass I was, and how much I had on my freaking plate! When I was ready, I said “thank you, I don’t think I need our sessions anymore.” It was an unexpectedly happy moment, because we both knew that meant I had achieved my goals. What were those goals? Well, since you asked, here is a snippet: getting a promotion, finding a physical fitness routine that I look forward to every week, and completing my own coaching certification (woot!). If you’re looking for kindness, understanding, and acknowledgement interspersed with humor, spunk, and experience as you embark on your journey toward your goals, Coach Juli is all that and more.

Carlos I. | General Manager, Darden Concepts, Inc.


Just wanted to reach out and thank you for all the great sessions and incredible coaching that has evolved and transformed me as a leader and peer.  I really enjoyed the journey, and walk away a fuller individual. Thank you again and hope our paths cross again in the future.

Molly McDonough | Associate Research Physicist

I worked with Juli as my professional and leadership coach for about 6 months. Juli helped me learn how to advocate for myself professionally and improve my negotiation skills. I received a performance review after working with Juli and I was placed in the top 3 out of 30 of my colleagues for most growth over the past year. Working with Juli has taught me lifelong professional and interpersonal skills that will go with me for the rest of my career.

Briona Forrester, Solutions Manager, Talent and Leadership U, People & Organization | Siemens Corporation

“Working with Juli has been an invaluable investment of time. Every conversation starts with a smile, her care radiates through the screen, and the environment she creates in our time together is equal parts encouraging and constructive. I never expected such an accelerated rate of personal and professional growth in such a short time as I have working with her. The depth of her expertise has helped me build my confidence as a leader, challenged my limiting beliefs, and be more effective despite ADHD. I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work with her.”

Brett Pinegar, CEO LiveIntent

“I would be remiss if I didn’t give you huge kudos for helping a former coach as effectively as you did. You are a talented coach and a genuine human being. Thanks for the power packed time we spent together. Thank you!”


Chonny Uth, Art Manager, Game of Thrones: Conquest, WB Games Boston

I sought out a coach to help me elevate my effectiveness as an employee and leader at my company, unsure of how the experience would pan out. What Juli ended up providing turned out to be so much more than what I expected. Over the course of six months she helped me sort out problems at the workplace, manage anxiety and obsessive compulsive tendencies, get better organized, and overall granted me a place to bounce off thoughts and ideas. Her advice on team management and navigating a corporate environment proved to be extremely helpful for me, and I am able to keep this wisdom with me and practice it each day.

Juli’s insight on how human beings think, act, and behave helped push me to become a better, more mindful person. Our personal lives are linked to our professional ones in deep and often inseparable ways, and sorting out issues in one helps us improve the other. If you have the opportunity to work with Juli, I’d highly suggest you do so. Thanks Juli!

Susan L., Attorney, Non-profit Executive

A successful coaching relationship requires both client and coach to commit and execute in order to achieve. Juli Shulem is a powerful ally in reaching your goals.

I invested a solid 6 months in myself, with Juli’s guidance. As a mid career non-profit executive, I found myself overwhelmed with the sheer volume of projects, ideas and communications flowing across my desk/inbox/messages. Juli’s powerful encouragement, always delivered with precision, positivity, and good humor, helped me set up the systems I needed to regain a sense of control. Juli helped me organize my schedule, my space and my mind, letting me breathe and enjoy a sustainable work-life balance.

Whether you’re a C-suite executive, a domestic engineer, a college student, or a regular person who loses precious time to the infinite number of time sucks competing for your attention, Juli teaches precise, effective techniques to conquer your To Do projects.


I am writing to thank you for all that you have done for me over the past couple of years. You have helped me get to a place where I feel not only better about myself, but you have given me the confidence to accomplish tasks that I would have given up on only a few years ago. You have provided me with the tools that I was lacking to achieve success and I will be forever grateful for that (For example, I still use the calendar and reminders the way we set it up and the white noise reading strategy!).

You even were able to figure out ingenious ways to overcome my stubbornness. Thank you for never giving up on me and believing that I was always capable of more.

What I am trying to say is as I look back on my almost four years in college and the amount of growth I have seen in myself, I can attribute a lot of it to your help. You have been a fantastic coach/mentor/guide throughout my college career and have had a tremendously positive impact on my life. I am lucky to have had you as a coach.

Robby G. 

I met Juli through a friend at the workplace. At the time I was going through a very difficult breakup and my financial and vocational life were in shambles. Having struggled from ADHD for my whole life, I initially was seeking help managing life, business, and low level depression, and ended up finding a savior in the mist. I must say, in the very beginning, I was somewhat skeptical about how much a person could help me with problems that I have been trying to manage my whole life, but found myself wound in silver lining. 

Juli is hands down one of the most caring and nurturing people that I have even met. Her ability to empathize and relate to what you are going through, in addition to actually being able to come up with working plans and solutions, are impeccable.

Juli helped transform my sinking situation into levels of happiness that I almost never expected to have. I have completely transformed my vocational and financial world through hard work and diligence with the spirit to carry on, which Juli helped inspire in me from day one. I knew that she believed in me and would see me through no matter what it took. She offered support and advice on so many levels and was able to do it in a way that delivered positive reinforcement without patronization. 

Whether she is cognizant of it or not, Juli Shulem is one of those people that can help reaffirm your faith in humanity and remind you that there are people in this world that spread love and truly make it a better place. 

I would recommend Juli to absolutely anyone. Whatever your plight or struggle may be, I highly encourage you to seek help and work with Juli to help put your life and current situation on the best possible course.

Andrew M.

As the beginning of Law School approached I knew I needed help and I began working with Juli through the summer and was amazed at what a difference she made. While the medication allowed me to function, it was she who showed me how to do it. From her I learned about the bad habits I had established as coping mechanisms and the ways to work around them and develop new habits. I learned how to make my studying more effective and efficient.

More importantly, she taught me how to live with ADHD, not just how to pass a class. We discussed everything from practical advice on different types of medication to the impact ADHD has on social relationships to the benefits of different food groups on focusing. She didn’t just tell me what to do, but taught me why each technique or strategy worked, so that I could adapt them and make my own plans to succeed at whatever might come up.

Even though these changes seemed sweeping, even overwhelming, they were warmly shared in a manageable, approachable style that left me feeling like I was in control. We approached each issue one at a time and discussed different possible solutions, but she always left the final decision on which one to try with me. She made sure that I always felt that it was my life, my decisions, and most importantly, my successes. And when I did fall short Juli was unfailingly supportive and positive. I never felt ashamed while working with her, which left me feeling comfortable talking about what had gone right and wrong and how to learn from it.

The end result has been improvement in my ability to focus, to plan, to take responsibility, and to stick with it when things get tough, and all on a scale I hadn’t even hoped would be possible. Thanks Juli!

Amy E.

I was diagnosed with ADHD combined type in high school. I was prescribed medication but lacked the knowledge and the executive functioning to really work with the medication. My first year at UCSB was difficult and I continued the same deleterious patterns but still achieved good grades. As a pre-med student, my sophomore year was a different story. Classes such as organic chemistry, biology, labs and calculus hit me hard and my GPA took a turn for the worst. After a second quarter of hell, I realized that I needed help and I needed it badly.  DSP ADHD specialist David Dunlop suggested an ADHD coach. He gave me a few numbers and said he had seen best results with one coach in particular, Juli Shulem. 

There is something amazing about this woman. Her voice sticks in your head. I can still hear: “It’s not forever, it’s just for now,” or “Schedule meal time and schedule time for yourself.” She taught me how to schedule my time realistically. She taught me to balance my life. In Juli I found not only an ADHD coach, but also a life coach, a mentor and a role model for myself. She pushed me to my full potential and helped to alleviate much of the stigma associated with ADHD. My grades went from below a 3.0 to a 3.8 as I worked with Juli. She provided me with a toolbox for living a balanced lifestyle. I honestly think that even the most organized person would benefit from a consultation with this sweet woman. I can’t really put into words the impact that Juli has had on my life. She is a remarkable woman with a very special gift. 

Danice B. 

Juli, I am extremely touched and moved by your email to me. I am so grateful for your support and will continue to move towards my goals. I will most definitely keep in touch. 

You are so encouraging… it’s unbelievable. I don’t think I have ever had anyone say as many encouraging things to me before as you do. I was told ‘you do not need to hear words, you need to see actions.’Maybe that’s true, but I have learned from you that words can be powerful. I actually was a little confused why you ended our sessions with so many nice words. I was uncomfortable with it, but to hear you continuously say kind words, was more touching and empowering than I could have ever imagined. And I’d like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for that. God bless your heart. 

Nico C. 

Juli would be an asset to any business, it’s owner and team of employees. She comes into any situation, no matter how messy, with an open mind and a loving heart. She fearlessly creates systems for better organization that is tailored perfectly for individual cases. She helped me, and my staff to see areas that needed improvement, and then guided us to take the steps necessary to become more productive and profitable. Every time we had a coaching session with her, my nerves instantly settled and I knew everything was going to be ok. 

Raghav R.

It was the winter quarter of my Senior Year as a BS Biology Major, and life just seemed to be a constant struggle. I would spend endless hours in my science classes trying to figure out the best method for studying and preparing for exams, but I was all over the place. This wasn’t new to me, but it was the most frustrating experience because my peers were studying less than me and able to achieve more than I was. 

Winter quarter was the tipping point, when I finally had enough of this tireless struggle, and decided to seek out help. I saw Juli’s website and was intrigued by a testimonial of another former pre-med client of hers that had undergone a transformation after learning Juli’s strategies. I decided to take the next step, which would begin a year-long transformation in redefining myself and unleashing my true potential. I’ll admit it wasn’t easy critically at looking your life with someone else, but it has been the most rewarding experience ever. 

If you are a struggling college student and you want to get out of a rut, contact Juli, and she will help teach and guide you with the skills necessary to redefine yourself into the person you want to become for the rest of your life. 

Patrice Z. 

Juli Shulem has made my life easier and significantly more organized. It was a rather major task since I was utterly disorganized. I went from flying loose sheets of papers with daily tasks strewn about the house, to one simple time management system. 

Juli is energetic, and fun and is very talented at getting people organized. 

Lisa O. 

Juli has been invaluable in helping me get projects and paperwork done that were undoable on my own. Having a head injury and mild ADD prevented me from being able to organize things well or get things done in a timely manner. Juli has taught me these skills and also has helped me complete many sundry things. She has tons of knowledge and stamina to help you tackle your toughest projects and really cares about helping you feel and be successful! Thank you, Juli!!!! 

Dr. Joel Morton, D.O., Neuropsychiatrist

As a Child Psychiatrist with over 15 years of experience treating learning disorders including ADD and ADHD, I see first-hand how serious a problem it can be for students and parents, as well as educators. Having worked tandem on numerous occasions with Coach Juli Shulem I have seen some very exciting changes take place in these students.

Time after time, Juli has made the difference in the turn-around and progress in the child. Her understanding and non-judgmental approach quickly captures the confidence of her students, and parents alike. Juli has a keen grasp of human behavior and clearly understands the trials and tribulations of dealing with a child, as well as an adult, who lives with ADHD. Between working with parents in addition to the child, creating systems that truly work for these young people, and being available with feedback and accountability in a way a therapist can’t be, Coach Juli has some truly amazing results with her clients.

I have seen firsthand how her students begin to improve. Students become more motivated and excited about school and learning. Parents become hopeful and encouraged as they see their child succeed. And to witness the development, often for the first time, of the child’s self-esteem, confidence, and happiness is a true joy. Thank you, Coach Juli, for the hope and change you have given so many of my patients.

CXO, Entrepreneur, Investment Banker

Juli was a tremendous coach for me! She helped me with my time management, my communication skill set and with all mission critical aspects in my professional career in the investment banking industry. Her coaching was a major enabling factor for me to achieve success with important clients. I highly recommend her!

Coach Juli