The Stand-Up Desk

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The Stand-Up Desk

We spend a lot of time sitting on our bottoms during the work-week – and many more hours even beyond that at times. It’s important to be able to use our computers, but must we always be sitting down? The answer is a resounding ‘NO.’

Here is a great review of standing desk options:

There are a good variety of desks there and I am going to add one more because it’s price-point is considerably lower (less than $150) although not as fancy and nice, but it does the job. It is called Origami Rack and can be found at this website: —but read the attached article so you are completely informed.

A Stand-Up desk gives you the chance to change your position during the day and help your back out a bit. Many people break their day up by sitting in the morning and then standing in the afternoon – which can also help keep you awake after lunch better. Varying your positions can be very beneficial – see what you think!

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