6 Organizing Ideas To Put SPRING Into Your Step

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6 Organizing Ideas To Put SPRING Into Your Step

Are you starting to get ‘spring fever’ and the desire to tidy up your space is nagging at you? I know it has for me! When spring begins I find myself re-organizing my drawers and cabinets and purging through papers. I even find this to be fun! Okay – you may not perceive this as a ‘fun’ activity, but it can be.

Due to being in the biz of helping people get organized for thirty-two years, I know that most don’t put organizing at the top of their list of ‘go to’ activities. While it doesn’t fall in the same category as going out with friends, or attending a concert, (it’s not THAT much fun) it doesn’t have to be drudgery either.

So, would you like some super helpful and easy tips to Spring Clean your way to happiness? Try these six ideas to getting some much-needed ‘breathing room’ and free yourself of unnecessary clutter.

Schedule The Time so that you don’t busy yourself right out of having time to do this. Put time to de-clutter right into your calendar so you plan around that time. By making it a priority in this way you are much more likely to actually do it.

Pick One Category to begin with so you have some direction. There are many thoughts around where to start, but you may find it best to start with one category, such as your clothing, spices, or books. Or perhaps start with that kitchen ‘junk drawer’ overflowing with who-knows-what!