Incentivize Your Team While Working From Home

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Incentivize Your Team While Working From Home

We all have to create new ways to stay motivated while working from home. For those who are self-employed and basically alone – this can difficult if you are a solopreneur. However, many people, myself included, have worked like this for years, so there is little difference.

Since some of my clients are leaders trying to keep their staff engaged, I thought I would mention some ideas here to do just that.

Make it fun!

No one I know avoids fun when it’s possible! How about coming up with a sort of game to keep team members on track. What can you come up with that they can do and even earn points doing it?

Come up with a list of desirable tasks or processes – such as having an accountability session with a team member or even a friend who works somewhere different entirely. Schedule and keep an appointment to work while online with another person and have the team members log the hours they do so. Establish a point system for each hour or each activity they complete. Maybe it is to plan out their day down to the minute and another point for sticking to it. Think of ways to inspire staff. Maybe they can get a point for taking a 30-minute walk or stretching too. These all increase productivity. How about points for successfully balancing work and personal time – you know, setting boundaries. Be creative and make a point chart. Get your team to buy into it by having some incentives/rewards built in based on points accrued. Make it so that there is a winner each week so the wait is short (better buy-in).

Come up with a list of possible rewards – keeping in mind the situation of each person and accessibility of some items. Maybe it can be Audible downloads, or music from iTunes; A gift certificate for a massage or restaurant later on (helps the economy AND offers something that would be enjoyed later on). Come up with something that your team members would value and appreciate.

Also be sure to add lots of praise daily to your team – they need the positive strokes too. It is hard not getting social feedback and connecting when we are so used to that – so as the leader of your team – be sure to offer this. It goes a long way.