This New Years – DON’T make a list of Resolutions!


This New Years – DON’T make a list of Resolutions!

That’s right – you don’t have to be a Productivity Expert to know that those New Year’s resolutions won’t happen anyway – so don’t bother. Seriously. I have a better idea. Like you, I have made list after list of the things I am going to change for the coming year. And like me you probably get off to a great start for the first few weeks (if you are lucky as only 20% stay in the game past 30 days) and then those resolutions are out the window.

Ready to try something new?

A few years ago, I came up with the time management concept of ‘theming out your week” versus determining exactly which day which task would be done. It gave the week a purpose and the goal was attainable due to less rigidity and less stress.

How about making a new “measurable” and “doable” plan for your YEAR?

Here it is… and it is easy! ALSO you don’t have to come up with the entire year’s intentions at the same time. Because honestly, we have no clue what will be happening six months from now, so to make a goal to achieve that will last the entire year is way too optimistic. Truly.

Here is the Concept: Decide a goal or plan for ONE MONTH at a time.

That’s much easier and way more realistic than determining what you will do for the entire year.

The wonderful benefit of this concept is that it will force you to evaluate and check in with your goals at least once a month – maybe more. That is significantly more often than most people review their goals. Plus when statistics show that only about 8% even keep their resolutions – you really have nothing to lose with my method.

Now the key is you must write this monthly intention down. Statistics show that you have a 42% greater chance of doing what you plan if you write it down. My strong recommendation is to put in on a full sheet of paper – in BIG letters – hand written (again this helps cement it in your brain) and place it where you can see it frequently.

Allow me to share my goal for January ––

So I committed in December to create a Productivity Course online. My goal for January is to write, create and launch this course in January. Aggressive; yes – achievable; absolutely! And since the content is coming from years of speeches, coaching, and trainings – I just need to put it together in a format that can be shared easily. I have a weekly goal and daily tasks based on the weekly goals. It’s all measurable and attainable!

February, my main goal is different because I am going to be living in Cambridge, England for a few months, so my goal for that month is to do everything on my ‘going out of town’ list to prepare for being away. That is why the January goal is aggressive.

March is somewhat up in the air, but before the end of February I will solidify that month’s goals and intentions – although my goal for the 3 months in England is to complete the writing of two books I have begun – I will make the goal more measurable on a monthly basis when the time comes.

So, what will you do for January? What can you commit to for 4.5 weeks? Isn’t this way less overwhelming than coming up with your goals for an entire year? It sure is for me! Consider my method. And let’s check in with one another in December of 2020 and see what we achieved! I am betting that we will all have way more success with this concept than any other in the past. Put an alert in your calendar right now – yeh, like open the app and do this – to create your Monthly Resolution(s) before the end of each month – so maybe around the 28th of the month prior.

I’m predicting amazing results!
Let’s do this!
Happy New Year!