Do You Need To Learn How To Manage Time?

Time & Life Management

Do You Need To Learn How To Manage Time?

If you want to learn how to manage time – stop for a moment and read this:

Firstly, understand you are not managing time – it manages itself just fine, thank you very much, and you can use or waste it as you wish – that will not affect time one iota. What you CAN manage is what you do in that time.

So, that comes down to where you are putting your focus – how will you spend your time? It’s not too far off from the thought process of how you will spend your money, is it? Will you knowingly just spend your money by letting it be taken from you without paying any attention to it leaving your life? Probably not – yet we all do that with our time. We let it flitter away without paying much attention – and OH -how we complain about that when it is gone! Consider a busy day where nothing got done – ever have one of those??? How about spending way too much time on something and never actually completing it –how does that feel? That is TIME being taken when you should have used it better.

Here is the “How to manage time” portion of the program…3 Quick Tips:

1. Plan how you will spend your time – just like you should with your money. Are you going to just blow $1440 a day on something without planning where that money would go? NO, you are not! So, why would you blow 1440 minutes a day by not thinking ahead about how you will use those minutes?

2. Know what the most important things you want to spend your time on and allocate it appropriately. Do you want to look for a new car? Check out a job? Talk to a sick friend? Plan dinner? All of those things take varying amounts of time, so allocate appropriately. And ask yourself: “Is this amount of time wise to spend on this task, or am I wasting more than it is worth?” Be clear that the time you are spending is worth it. Just like you should ask yourself: “Is this where I want to spend my money?” Not everything is a “yes” even if you have the disposable cash to use — no reason to just waste it.

3. Monitor your spending during the day – and by spending I am referring to spending TIME. Don’t let time ‘run away’ from you. Rein it in by using a timer or monitoring how much time you spending at a task. Ever find that it takes longer than you thought initially? Most of us do – it’s human nature to under-estimate –so be aware so that the next time you plan for that kind of task you have a better idea of how much time it might take to finish it.

Have a Productive Day as you manage your tasks and let time ‘march on’ as it will and always has.