They say that Waking up is Hard to do

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How to Get Up on Time

They say that Waking up is Hard to do

Clients are often struggling with their day well before it has even begun – because they cannot wake up. I am going to help all those ‘sleepy-heads’ out there who grapple with the challenge of waking up in the mornings. What does this have to do with productivity you ask? A LOT! And those of you who can’t get up on time know all too well exactly what I mean.

If you aren’t waking up on time, you may be getting to work late – which could affect your ability to do your job – or even KEEP your job. And ultimately, waking up late necessitating you to zip around your house to get dressed and out the door in a ‘frenzy’ is no way to start the day; you are behind before you’ve even begun!

Keep in mind that you can change your waking times, but you probably won’t be able to do it in just one or two nights – it could take over a week to make the switch. Have you ever been in a very distant time zone from where you live and find it takes a few days to get onto the new time zone you are in? When you get jet-lagged, you eventually adjust to the time zone and wake when you ought to. So, what prevents you from essentially ‘jet-lagging’ yourself into a better schedule of waking up – without even needing to hop on a plane out of the country to do so?

Here are 6 Steps You Can Do Starting Tonight:

Start off right.

Go to bed 15-20 minutes earlier tonight and set your alarm for the same 15-20 minutes earlier so you aren’t losing sleep – you simply adjust when you start and end. Do the same thing again tomorrow night from the time you went to sleep tonight. Keep doing this incrementally as it makes the process manageable and also less jarring to your body and mind. This ensures you are still sleeping the amount you need – you are just adjusting the time table.

Prep the night before. 

Get your clothes selected and put out before going to sleep. Pack your bag with whatever you will need for the following day. Make a list of anything you are concerned you may forget to do or bring the following day and place that list on your phone or tape it to your ‘exit door’ always. Leave nothing to chance.

Set Two Alarms. 

If getting up isn’t your best skill – double up the effort – set a second alarm in the bathroom so you have to go there to turn it off. Make sure it isn’t one that stops after a few bursts – it should get louder and louder actually and continue until you turn it off.

Have a Morning Ritual. 

Have a set routine – written down – so that you don’t have to make decisions immediately upon waking. As soon as your alarm goes off – Stand Up! And immediately MAKE YOUR BED. Reducing the temptation to get back into your warm snuggly bed is essential. Then go directly to the bathroom and shower, etc. Follow a routine of activities you do for getting dressed, eating, and whatever else you need to do to get out the door and start your day.

Have a really good reason to get up each day. 

Many just don’t want to face their day. This is sad. There should be a reason to get up and be part of the human race every day. Whether you get to work with people you like, help others, create something, read or learn something new, or partake in a joyous activity at some point in the day – find a reason to be awake and moving.

Start the day with peace.

If you start your day in a way that you can look forward to, chances are you will be more inclined to get yourself out of your bed. Maybe when you wake up you can read, meditate, workout, or call a friend. I always have something to look forward to when I wake up – sometimes it is even doing research. Most of the time it is my puppy that I just can’t ignore and who makes me smile every morning. Obviously there is incentive for me regarding her because she needs to be walked within about 30 minutes from waking up – and I want to avoid the negative ramifications of keeping her waiting. If I get up early on occasion, I take advantage of reading in bed, or something else that ignites my mind to fully wake up. But, no matter what I do, I do it calmly. I have found that if I start my day feeling rushed or behind, it only gets worse as the day moves along. Who needs that stress?

See if any of these ideas help you to wake up and stay that way easier and on time. Make every morning a Good Morning!