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The Last Week of December Is Upon Us


Friday, December 21, 2012

Here comes the last week of December. Now what?

I was working with a client a few days ago and I asked a simple question: “What do you want to complete in the last two weeks before the end of the year?” The reality of the time frame startled him. “Oh wow!” he exclaimed, “That’s right, there are only a couple of weeks left!” Often my clients don’t notice time passing, time remaining, and time required to complete a task or project.

With less than nine days before the end of the year, what is left on your list to do? The objective for many is simply to get through the holiday season with their sanity intact, in view of the extra demands on their time, wallets, and energy.

But what else is a priority in your life at this moment? Is there a anything in particular you would benefit from getting behind you so that you can begin anew in 2013?

If the answer to the last question is yes, then look at that task and assess the possibility of making it a reality. As you plan, be mindful of what is really important and what is timely. Don’t put excessive expectations on yourself, which may cause you to fall short of your goals, or add undue stress at a time when it is very unnecessary. Some items you had intended to work on may best be postponed, and this may be the most logical decision. Note when you can start and keep in mind all other commitments you have previously made.

Perhaps you have more time off from work the last part of the year, and getting something special done is a serious reality for you. In this case, use it wisely. To begin, be sure to collect all materials and/or data in order to make good use of the time you have to work on it. Enlist others who might be pivotal in the end result. Be sure that this is the best time for them as well. Just because it is good for you doesn’t mean it will be for others. Pay attention to what is important and the reason or benefit of the end result. Keep in mind that sometimes the best plan is simply to create a plan!

If you have gone through this thought process and determined that the task appropriate and doable, then take the next step. Start by making a comprehensive list of all the steps associated with that task you would like to complete before year’s end. Write down each small portion, even as small as “Call for price estimate” or “Look up resource” so that each individual step can be planned and monitored. It is important to list each step in a way that, once completed, it can be checked off the list and you know the next step in line to go to.

Once you have begun, continue to assess progress and the practicality of the task as you continue on. When completed – enjoy your success! Happy 2013!