A Card for You, and One for You, and for You

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A Card for You, and One for You, and for You

Overwhelmed by Events

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Dear Juli,

This time of year I get overwhelmed by the events that take place, such as Mother’s day, Father’s Day, and graduation, not to mention my mom’s birthday, my daughter’s birthday, and assorted friends’ birthdays. Any suggestion for keeping track of dates like this, which I rarely seem to acknowledge, and remembering to send cards? – Always Forgetful

Dear Forgetful,

This time of year does beckon one to remember many people all within a short time period, and yes, I do have some suggestions on the matter. Since we know that there are certain holidays and events coming up that are always there, year after year, we can certainly plan ahead for them. (How many of you are already seeking winter holiday gifts for loved ones?)

You can handle the task of acknowledging your friends’ and family’s special events and accomplishments easily if you set up a good system. First, get a calendar that has space to write on the days of the month, but not one that you use for only one year. Many are sold expressly for this purpose. Put names on the days of the month that correspond to the birthdays of those you want to remember.

You can also use your computer calendar, putting in all the birthdays for the year and setting them to repeat yearly so that you don’t have re-enter them again.

Here’s a great trick

Set up an alert for five to seven days prior to the event you want to remember. Then you’ll have plenty of time to mail a card for timely arrival.

Making time to get the cards

There are many good approaches:

  • Buy them from the grocery store when shopping. Add the names of the people with birthdays or events for the coming month onto your shopping list and purchase the cards at the same time your get groceries.
  • Stockpile cards for several months in advance. Go shopping at one time for six months of cards with a list of the events and celebrations you wish to acknowledge. Be sure to get yourself a card-organizer box as well, so you have a place to store the cards properly when you return from shopping. As you put them into the box, in the space where the stamp goes write the name of the recipient and the date to mail it, and you will be ready when your alert comes up.
  • Sign up with a card service. There are several that let you select, write, and schedule to send cards days, weeks, and months out, so you yourself will not have to remember in time for each occasion. Plus, the services usually offer to you reminders via email as well!
  • Make them yourself. If you decide to do this, make several at once so you don’t have the mess and wasted time of getting your supplies out over and over.
  • Have some spare cards around for spontaneous occasions that may arise, and for situations such as deaths or births. And, of course, always have thank you notes on hand.

Happy Everything Day!