Holiday Cleanup Before You Set Up!



Saturday, December 7, 2013 

The holidays offer us the opportunity to dig out many items we only use annually and see what we have. Might I suggest a little “cleaning up” while you are starting to “set up” for the holiday season?

Is going into your attic or garage to dig out the holiday decorations and entertaining items a dreaded event?

Do you procrastinate knowing that last year you just tossed things into whatever space they would fit?

Are you leery of finding many broken or damaged items that you may need or want to replace?

This year — do it right! First, schedule several hours (maybe this weekend!) to get all the holiday-related items out of the shelves, crates, and cabinets where they have been stored.

Go through everything!

Find what you have used before and no longer care for — donate or dispose of now.

Find what you love and want to use and keep — designate an appropriate container for it to live in after the holiday season is over.

Find items that need repair — put them on a list of things to do so you get it done promptly without stress and frustration.

Find or purchase appropriate containers for all the items to be stored in. (Get them with lids to be easily stacked and accessible for next year).

Now you can set up and have a fun time doing it!

If along the way you realize there are still a few items you don’t want to use, consider letting them go for someone else to enjoy or dispose of them in some appropriate fashion. It’ll be one less thing you have to find room for later. Perhaps your tastes have changed. Or maybe you live somewhere different from the last place you decorated! You just might find that you don’t need all you have been storing or that some of it is in need of replacement or repair.

Once you have everything you want out, put the containers back where they normally go, so you don’t have to trip over them for the next month, and relax. Schedule the day to put it all away (in a timely manner, of course) so you don’t waste energy thinking about that process. The nice difference is that this time, it will already be organized, and you can get through it faster.

Happy Holidays!