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ADHD Coaching helps you take control of your life so you get the important things done.

Coach Juli, CPC, PCC

  • Less Frustration.
  • Less Impulsivity.
  • Less Stress.

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My experience at the Organizers Conference…

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What happens when you get hundreds of Professional Organizers in a Conference together? Well, first… You know everything will run on time You know everyone can and will take care of their own stuff You know everyone can find whatever they need in seconds SO, that was the kind of…


6 Organizing Ideas To Put SPRING Into Your Step

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Are you starting to get ‘spring fever’ and the desire to tidy up your space is nagging at you? I know it has for me! When spring begins I find myself re-organizing my drawers and cabinets and purging through papers. I even find this to be fun! Okay – you…

Having A Relationship

Is Your Messy Place Keeping You From Having A Relationship?

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Try these tips and see if love is around the corner once you’re not tripping over junk to get there. A client of mine wants to date so badly, but she is so embarrassed about her very messy home, that she can’t bring herself to even seek out relationships. She…


How to Find the Right ADHD Coach

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) has a bigger impact than most people think. It affects both the lives of patients and their families. ADHD not only causes 143.8 million days worth of lost productivity each year across 10 countries, but according to the Centers for Disease Control, it causes social…

of the Americans surveyed described themselves as disorganized.
have missed crucial work deadlines.
of people polled say disorganization causes them to work late at least two to three times a week.

Coach Juli Shulem can help with ADHD and other challenges, such as stress, feeling unproductive, lack of organization or order, poor time management, poor communication and follow-through, and general feelings of no control.

Imagine someone being able to identify with the problems you experience and gently guiding you from where you are, to where you want to be. Whether you are a student, entrepreneur, or someone who is simply ‘stuck’ – Coach Juli can help.

Often when a person has been in their mess for so long, they don’t even see what is really there anymore. Coach Juli has been helping individuals become more productive and efficient in all aspects of their lives for nearly three decades. She has the ability to help determine what tools will work and can create efficiency systems that have stood the test of time. She has seen and heard everything!

Coach Juli doesn’t just apply a “band-aid” to a problem. She does surgery.

Coach Juli is never judgmental, critical or negative in any way.
You will only be encouraged, motivated and educated.
Care to find out what Coach Juli Shulem can do for you?

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