Wearing a REAL Watch Again

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Wearing a REAL Watch Again

My resolution to not consult my phone the myriad of times a day as I have been prone to doing prompted me to wear a watch again. While away on vacation over the winter holiday, I was lured by the Swatch Watch store in Times Square to step inside. There I was romanced by the colors and my love of time all rolled into one magnificent piece of art and machinery. Yep – I bought a new watch.

When I look at my watch it is comforting…like seeing something old and familiar. It demands nothing of me this watch of mine. It doesn’t even need to be charged daily in order to furnish me with the glorious information of the time of the day. How wonderful is that??? It doesn’t need to be plugged in, wound or anything to keep me updated on the time.I’m so loving this!

Looking at my watch versus my phone has had many positive results.

Firstly, it is calming to look at my watch. It tells me ONE thing: the time. I don’t get distracted by all the texts, emails, alerts, and reminders that looking at the face of my phone did. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I would look at my phone for the time and get so derailed by all the other things on the screen, that I would ignore the time and start opening the texts and emails instead. I hate when that happens! Maybe that is just me — but I kind of doubt it.


I don’t worry about keeping the watch too close to my body – nothing harmful will come my way by wearing my watch for extended hours. It doesn’t need WiFi to work and tell me what I want to know, and get this…I can’t get pulled over and receive a citation for looking at it when I drive.And in a micro-second I see the time on the face of this beautiful device and I’m done with it.

My watch has three hands that move in beautiful synchronization and two of those hands even glow in the dark, so I don’t need to flip on a light to see the time. This is very handy in the movie theater because you know that looking at one’s phone is taboo in places like that.

I’m starting to wonder why I gave up on wearing a watch when I got my phone. I have several beautiful watches that adorn my jewelry box and I have decided that they are once again a fashion statement and deserve to be given new batteries so they can once again be put back into service doing what they do best…tell me the time.