Your Calendar – a Silent Guide with Powerful Purpose!

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Your Calendar – a Silent Guide with Powerful Purpose!

You know you should be using a calendar on a regular basis – but do you? And for those who do, are you overdoing it with too many calendars to consult in your busy life? If you answered NO and YES respectively to those questions then you may be just like the multitude of people who miss appointments or are late or simply don’t get as much done in a day as they wish.

You see, calendars and the proper use of them allow us to stay on track – to keep up with our proposed intentions, to remember where we are supposed to be, and what we need to do. This little tool is not just for remembering a friend’s birthday (we have Facebook to remind us of that now, don’t we?), but to allow our minds to be freed up to think, to create, ponder, decide, and relax. Why would you want to clutter your mind with having to remember every single place you need to go and every little thing you need to do? Now a calendar – just the calendar part is for one main purpose – to keep track of things you are planning to do that have a distinct start and end time. Note: The “end time” is a particularly important point – and if you forget to make note of when you will be finished with something, that can wreck havoc with your day.


Here are some FAQ’s regarding the use of calendars:

When should I use my calendar?

Pretty much anytime that your presence is requested or required for any activity – even with just yourself (like working out at the gym) your calendar should be the tool to use for this – always.

How often should I look at it?

Once at the beginning of your day, once at the conclusion of your day, and before & after every appointment, as well as when you make any new appointment. That results in looking at it several times per day. This is necessary in order to make sure you don’t neglect something coming up.

Why should I use an electronic based computer versus a paper one?

The nice thing about the electronic versions is that you can carry them around easily on your smartphone thereby accessing them anywhere you are. Secondly, if you have it properly backed up on more than one device, you can access it from anywhere, and if you lose one you have access to it versus a paper one which can never be retrieved once it is lost or destroyed. The electronic versions offer color-coding of the categories of appointments you may have, which makes your day easier to remember overall.

What happens if I am just too busy to use a calendar?

All the more reason you need one! If you cannot make time to use a calendar, then you are most certainly not using your time well. When properly managed, a calendar saves you not only time, but costly mistakes, and missed opportunities.

Convinced yet?

If you want personalized help setting up and learning how to make a calendar system work for YOU – connect and let me teach you.



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